Rhyme Slayer is not new to the hip-hop scene, having started in grade nine when he discovered his talent with words. He tries to include his personal experiences in his rhymes, drawing on what it’s like to be a South African today. Rhyme Slayer works with independent record label A-List Assassins and is currently in negotiations with sponsors to start shooting a music video in the near future. His combination of English and Tswana language and culture set him apart from other rappers on the scene.


Rhyme Slayer has performed at many events during his time in Pretoria. He performed on campus with Reason last year and is also performing at Joe Public and other venues this year. His fan base grows with every performance and he enjoys putting on a show for audiences. Performing alongside Reason in 2014 is one of the highlights of his career, and with this performance he saw his fan base start to grow. “The crowd reacted. It was epic,” was his response when asked how he experienced this performance.


For those that can’t go out and catch Rhyme Slayer live, he has announced that he is releasing his mix tape The Pledge on 19 August this year. The event will be marked by an “All White” party, encouraging attendants to wear white clothing, and will feature live performances from the mix tape as well as contributions from other artists. “[The mix tape] is my commitment to the game … telling stories about Rhyme Slayer as a solo artist and introducing myself in the motswako genre,” he added.


Photo: Shen Scott

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