Risen 3: Titan Lords offers a great sense of freedom throughout. The game leaves many gamers’ character choices up to them to develop according to their own desires. One of the areas one can develop greatly in is non-combat skills. A wide variety of skills can be learnt that prove useful on quests across magical islands but also serve as entertainment along the way.

In contrast, the complex combat system leaves the player able to perform a multitude of attacks and sequences. This combat system can be frustrating as an attack by the enemy can disrupt your sequence and prevent your attack from being completed. The extreme number of enemies to combat does offer a chance to practise mastering this system but all the demons, magi and pirates that lurk behind every bush and wait behind every corner gets tiring and boring.

The redundancy of attacking lesser enemies is somewhat worth it as the player meets interesting and diverse non-player characters along the way. The game is filled with colourful people of different places, cultures and opinions which adds depth to the game. Despite this though, the depth of the plot may seem too much when these characters appear as they result in a distraction from the main quest, making the main objective seem less urgent.

Beautiful scenery and exotic places in the game make this frivolous monster-bashing fun which, together with the overall aspects of the game, makes the third instalment an excellent choice for avid gamers

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