Songs like “House of love” and “Pocketful of golden” are easy to get lost in although the fact that most of the melodies on the album hardly ever change their tone can make them slightly tiresome to listen to.

Conventional guitar riffs are used sparingly on the album and “Turn it up” is one of the few tracks which makes a return to Plant’s Led Zeppelin roots with its distorted guitars and jumpy bass. Another distinctive song on the album is “A stolen kiss” – a slow-paced, sorrowful piano ballad. Other instruments are scarce on this solemn track save for the moaning guitar toward the end of the song. It is also the track that provides the album’s paradoxical title.

Some of Plant’s more recent solo albums contained mostly cover versions of other famous songs, while Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar exhibits Plant’s songwriting flair, making the album all the more exceptional.

Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar is a stirring, bittersweet album, which samples music styles from around the world and establishes yet again that Plant is a musical legend – a Brit who has managed to transform his music into the makings of charm­ing, enchanting rock‘n’roll Americana.



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