Steven Venter, former captain and a South African Deaf Cricket Associations Honorary Life Member, attended the event and handed his blazer over to his son, the current captain of the team, Colin Venter.

A deaf tournament follows the same game procedures as normal cricket tournaments. In order to qualify for a deaf cricket team, a player has to have a hearing threshold of 50 decibels or lower. No hearing aids may be worn on the field during a match. A deaf cricket player cannot become a professional cricket player and they do not get paid to play, although in cases such as this, the trip will be sponsored.

The tournament was described as a foundation that would create opportunities for deaf cricket, working toward the day where perhaps the mild difference of the team could be overlooked to allow them to compete with hearing teams at a professional level. The possibility of realising such a dream is not out of reach, with the development of hearing aids.


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