This fantastic compilation album was released by Putumayo on 16 July and features all the best Brazilian artists – both established and upcoming. The sound of the album may be something new to a student’s ear, but it’s worth a listen. The music varies from jazz and samba to contemporary bossa nova. The beats are insane and well put together, and the vocals aren’t bad either.

The idea of this album, as the name implies, is to draw upon the connection between food and music. The CD even features a recipe for a popular Brazilian dessert, pavê de café. Putumayo has a recurring theme, with other albums such as French Café, Café Cubano, and Italian Café. These have all done exceptionally well. Brazilian Café is sure to follow suit, or even exceed all expectations.

Do yourself a favour and go buy the album. If not for yourself, do it for charity. After all, a portion of the proceeds go to Terra dos Homens Brazilian Association, which promotes the rights of children and adolescents. And for under R130, it is money well spent!

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