SAPS Brooklyn emphasises that “the police officer investigating will always analyse a complainant’s statement and will find evidence of perjury if certain facts do not add up.” Moreover, from now on, “The Brooklyn police are inspecting all vehicles when cases of theft out of motor vehicles are reported. If the vehicle has already been repaired, the police will request a receipt of such repairs.” As a result, they hope to deter people from making false statements under oath, which is an offence. “People who are making themselves guilty of this are not only abusing the police to solve their own personal problems, but they are also taking police officers away from real investigations,” SAPS Brooklyn say.

To SAPS Brooklyn, theft out of vehicles is a preventable crime as there are measures motorists can take to ensure the safety of the possessions left in their cars. Currently, they are running a campaign called “Boot it or Lose it”, hoping to raise awareness about the dangers of leaving unattended possessions in a vehicle visible to outsiders. SAPS Brooklyn cautions that “any visible loose items that are left inside a vehicle create an opportunity for would-be criminals to commit a crime”.


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