How has the recording process been for Things Unseen?

We fell with our bottoms in the butter when we met Evert Snyman and Louise Eksteen, the most passionate, loving, weird, gifted, crazy-a*s musicians and friends. Evert produced the EP and Louise did the mixing and mastering. Working with them is insane. The amount of knowledge and passion they have was essential in making our sound the way it sounds. They are masters in their own right and we trust them with our music. You have to, otherwise it won’t sound as great as it could. And needless to say, [it has been] effortless and easy. I believe under their guidance we have grown musically and [have] been stretched to lengths we didn’t think [were] possible. If the coffee machine is working harder than you are, then you’re working damn hard and you can sleep (if the caffeine finally wears off) knowing it’s going to be great.


Your upcoming album launch tour will be your second large-scale tour. What did you learn from your first tour?

Planning. Every time you plan a tour you remember how much chaos it was the first time, so you basically start way ahead to try [and] dodge as many molehills as possible, because the longer they’re there the closer they get to becoming mountains. Other than the admin, what we did realise after the first tour is that you need great friends, you need to eat as much seafood as possible when at the coast, hire a non-alcoholic photographer (for clear pics and a driver) and a case of whiskey (Western Cape bottle stores are closed on a Sunday). Like I said – planning.


Can we expect the same foot-stomping sound on Things Unseen as on the previous EP?

Absolutely! More, actually. Things Unseen definitely contains a bit of a harder sound. [This] gives it an edge like a serrated steak knife. [We] wouldn’t say the sound has changed, exactly. Each song has a significant feel but it’s Scarlotte Will’s “things unheard,” if you would.


Is there any kind of overarching motif in Things Unseen that we can expect?

We chose Things Unseen for the EP’s name because it definitely best describes the whole idea of the album. There are so many ways to look at it. It spans from the physical unknown right through our lives as we know it and its uncertainty through to the bigger questions in life and what we believe. We can’t see the future, we can’t see the air we breathe and we can’t see the very science our existence is based on. I can’t see what you’re thinking and you can’t see that your decisions will greatly affect someone close to you. You get the idea.

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