According to the security guard, two of the armed robbers forced other guards patrolling the mall into the store. The robbers also forced staff members into the storage area and proceeded to steal cell phones, tablets and laptops.

“I went to the head office to tell them to call the police,” the security guard said. He added that two other security guards returned to the store with him to try to block the armed robbers as they were leaving.

“Three of the robbers were carrying a big red bag filled with the stolen items. When we got closer to try and stop them, one of them pointed a gun and told us to get back, then got into a car then left,” he said. The two remaining robbers rushed out of the store when they noticed that they were left behind and dropped a second bag, which was filled with with the rest of the stolen items. The robbers ran up Hilda Street, where they shot a security guard who tried to stop them. After the shooting, they hijacked a white Nissan bakkie and  tried to flee the scene, but were obstructed by traffic.

Three of the suspects have been arrested. The security guard is currently recovering at a Pretoria hospital.

On 20 June the SAPS tweeted that seven armed suspects attempted a robbery at a business in Hatfield Pretoria where shots were fired and a security officer was wounded in the leg.

The Brooklyn SAPS was not available for comment at the time of publication.

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