Nerina, lead by talented Raquel Lopo, has been largely favoured as competitors for this year’s title after their stellar

performance at 1nsync, and with good reason. They had by far the most cohesive performance that showed their well-choreographed piece, which made use of variety, movement and unique steps. Olienhout is in their dress rehearsal stage and don’t seem ready to disappoint with their fantastic use of a storyline to demand attention. External, James Weir, has instilled a sense of individuality and character to Olienhout’s performance that is refreshing. Weir notes Mopanie as the biggest threat to their chance at the title, which is a sentiment echoed by every other men’s res (except diplomatic spokesperson from Kollege, Keagan Stokoe, who is of the opinion that their competition is any of the nine men’s reses performing).

Each res’ spokesperson was asked to describe their performance in one word and they couldn’t have done a better job.

Asterhof – expressive, Boekenhout – original, Curlitzia – extravaganza, Erika – crazy, Inca – electric, Jasmyn – creative, Katjiepiering – sass, Kollege – fun, Lilium – striking, Madelief – magical, Magrietjie – energising, Maroela – grand, Mopanie – dynamic, Nerina – powerful, Olienhout – wild, Onderstepoort – enticing, Sonop – unique, Taaibos – carnage, Vividus men – perceptive, Vividus women – legendary and Zinnia – intense.

This year’s Serrie takes place in a rather controversial environment following disputes at the university regarding the lack of inclusivity. As well as this, feedback from the female reses makes it clear that in terms of feminist movements, Serrie is an extremely important tool to communicate crucial messages. There is a general movement towards multiculturalism with all resses, even Sonop who were disqualified from last year’s competition for outdated ideologies, claiming to be transformed and ready to prove themselves to the UP body. Hopefully as a result of this, excitement will reach further than ever for this truly entertaining experience. This show will not let you down and attending prelims is encouraged as you get to see performers who have worked hard to produce quality performances even if they don’t finalise.


Image: Taiga Rive and Shaun Sproule

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