On the nights of 12 and 13 April, this year’s Serrie prelims kicked-off one of the busiest parts of the res calendar.

The much anticipated event was, by all standards, a successful one, with most residences performing as well as was expected.

Jasmyn, Erika, Asterhof, Magrietjie, Curlitzia,  Sonop, Boekenhout, Vividus Men, Olienhout and Olympus made the final cut and will be performing in the finals.

JC de Jager, a member of STUKU’s general committee and a Serrie judge, said that he found the performances impressive. “Every residence has a different idea of what Serrie is and the way the format changes every year is impressive,” he commented.

Duncan Platt, a member of the SRC, called the event “very good”, specifically noting the fun atmosphere and the fact that, for the most part, the programme managed to finish ahead of schedule.

Danelle Kritzinger, a member of the STUKU executive committee responsible for Serrie, called the night “awesome” and said that this year Serrie was “taken to a whole new level.”

The only sour note of the evening came courtesy of Kollege, who was asked to leave certain venues after their performance was deemed too lewd to continue.

This was the first year that STUKU introduced a website (, which provided people with an electronic schedule for the night, accessible via their cell phones, and the opportunity to comment on the performances they saw. The website, which went live the day of the ladies prelims, was the brainchild of Platt, who holds the service provider’s portfolio on the SRC, under which STUKU falls. He told Perdeby that he had the idea after it became difficult in previous years to get hold of a programme. The results were also made available via the website. According to Kritzinger the website will be used for the finals and will become a common feature of the Serrie experience in years to come.

Most people who commented via the website gave positive feedback and seemed to at least agree that Magrietjie, Erika, Vividus Men and Boekenhout would make the final. The final results confirmed this.

Concerns that there were irregularities with the results, which were not calculated by STUKU but by an external auditor, arose early on Friday morning (15 April), but Perdeby can confirm the authenticity of the results, which were vouched for by both the SRC and the external auditor. 

The finals will be held on Thursday 21 April. Tickets are on sale at Tukkiewerf from R15 per person.

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