The academy’s programme includes voice training, speech preparation techniques and confidence controllers. The Standard Bank Incubator happening on 26 August 2017 in Hatfield will be a great place to see what public speaking is about. During Petros’s time at UP, he was part of EnactusUP. He said, “Enactus UP changed my life. It played a major role in my life. If it wasn’t for Enactus UP, I would have never believed in my speaking skills. It is definitely a programme that shaped my views on leadership and what it really means [to be a leader]. I was also privileged to represent South Africa in Mexico at the Enactus World Cup, which is an experience I will never forget. I definitely believe that it is the catalyst that completely changed my views on what life and leadership is all about.” Simphiwe’s advice for students is that they should embrace failure and not see it as a stumbling block, but rather a stepping stone that empowers you. After embracing failure there will be a point where you will be liberated to do and try more, because the fear of failing will become non-existent in your life.


Image provided: Johnathan Andrews.

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