“We need an intersectional understanding of women’s oppression and make a reference to ethnic forms of patriarchy,” said Prof. Van der Westhuizen, emphasizing that there is still a large amount of inequality and violence against women, particularly against black queer women.

Delano Abdell, SLSJ’s General Secretary hopes that the event provided opportunities to teach and to learn. The discussion concluded with a question and answer session between the audience and the panellists.

SLSJ was founded in 2007 by students of UCT and UWC, but only became a branch at UP at the beginning of this year, making them the latest addition to the SLSJ platform. Matthew Ilsley, SLSJ’s events co-ordinator acknowledges this, and says that as an organisation their aims are to be “relevant” and “supportive” of events that reinforce social justice, mentioning the UP student protests that occurred at Pretoria High School for Girls as students showed their solidarity

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