How was the society created?
The original organisation [started] in June 2014. [Later on], I amalgamated Soul Inc. with another organisation called AIM (Artists in Motion) and we adopted the Soul Inc. brand name and it’s what we decided to stick with. By “we”, [I am referring to] myself, Jemimah Kandemiiri and Raphael Chitambira.


What is your job at Soul Inc.?
I’m the chairperson, but I’m also the events coordinator. If there’s a show, I’ll probably be [the master of ceremonies]. I’m responsible for gathering the talent [for the] the show, and then we have the open mic [slot]. [At] the open mic [sessions] anyone is free to come through and perform [and] share whatever it is they want [to]. [For] the show I have to select certain artists and arrange them in a way that makes the show coherent [and gives it] a certain flow. I don’t have any professional training myself. I’ve only participated in [events like] debates, public speaking, slams and shows since [the age of] 13. Through that, and interacting with people older than me and with more experience, I’ve gained that [performance] knowledge that I’d like to pass on. If they’re looking to learn how to present themselves, then I’m the person who can help in my organisation. So…that’s my job. I’m hoping that this organisation grows past me and then when I graduate I can hand over the reins.


Auditions to join Soul Inc. were held on 26 February. How was the turnout?
For an organisation that just started out, I think [it] was good. We had about ten new performers just that day, and these are people with performance history, so I don’t think I’ll have much to teach them or [that I’ll have to] show them the way to present themselves on stage, how to control their tempo, [or] how to interact with the audience. [I’m] very happy about that.

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