The new Imax theatre at The Grove Mall follows the success of the first one in Gateway, Durban. “We are confident that our second Imax theatre at The Grove will perform equally well,” says Fiaz Mahomed, CEO of Ster-Kinekor theatres. Mahomed said that the audience’s experience will be further improved by a first-class online booking system and the promise of more personal communication with customers through their social media sites.

Yuvena Nair, general manager for customer relationship management and loyalty and online at Ster-Kinekor explained why the Imax experience is unique and said that, “The curved screen also maximises how you view the picture. You don’t get the distortion, no matter how close you are to the screen. And because of the way the Imax format is with the sound and visual and the design of the theatre you actually will still get the best view irrespective of which seat you are in, in the theatre.”  

Nair added that all of the big blockbusters will be shown in Imax theatres, which makes it more applicable to a wider audience. “It’s different from what people perceived Imax to be before, which was very documentary-type movies,” she says.

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