Whether you were the star fly-half for your high school rugby team or the kid on the bleachers slowly roasting away in the summer sun, Tuks is bound to have a recreational activity that will pique your interest.

Sport is a great way of meeting new people and making friends. It is also the best method to prevent you falling victim to the infamous “first-year spread”. Do not fall into the trap of assuming that the only sports that Tuks offers are the conventional rugby, cricket, netball and hockey. During your time as a student you can partake in over 30 different types of sporting activities like fencing, judo and volleyball. Perdeby has done some research to show you what TuksSport has to offer.

Are you weary of a contact sport? Join the club. The only problem is deciding what club you should join. The chess team won’t mind having an extra person to practise against and giving your brain a workout might give you that edge as soon as the first semester tests roll in. Perhaps you enjoy swimming but you definitely aren’t the next Chad le Clos? The lifesaving club offers a combination of first aid, obstacles and swimming that adds up to a great all round workout. Exploratio is another option. Many enjoy a weekend outdoors to partake in hiking, rock-climbing and going on adventures.

If you reckon you have great hand-eye coordination, consider taking up badminton or squash. Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world and squash has been called the healthiest sport to partake in. Archery is also a viable option for the marksmen out there. TuksSport even caters for dancers with five dancing styles presented by TuksDance. Students can pursue their performing arts dreams or hone their skills on the dance floor.

If you are keen on getting physical, don’t be afraid. Students will have a hard time choosing between karate, judo, aikido, taekwondo and wrestling. If you can swim, run and cycle, why not combine these skills and try your hand at a triathlon? Even if you can only swim, waterpolo is great form of fun and exercise. On the topic of exercise, bodybuilding is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Gym rats don’t need to lose their gains as they can flex their muscles both mentally and physically at UP.

If none of this is appealing, or taking up a sport sounds daunting but exercise is important to you, be sure to get a membership at the student gym.

Sport at varsity level is not reserved for the incredibly talented. Sport is for every student at Tuks. After all you are here to learn, so why not learn how to play a sport too?


Photo: Charlotte Bastiaanse

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