“For I am the Totally Polished woman, a woman of style, substance and character,” is the last line of the mantra on the home page of the Totally Polished website. This is a South African clothing brand, and by going into the catalogue or onto their Instagram @totallypolished_sa, you can easily browse through an assortment of outfits ranging from flowing bohemian skirts to chic smart casual suits.

Moving between South Africa and the UK, fashion blogging duo Emma Jane Menteath and Justin Polkey make up My Life in Pink. Menteath is an international model, while Polkey is a South African photographer. Together, they travel and shoot inspirational scenes. They both showcase some brilliant chic and minimalist ensembles, as well as give insight into current trends in their shoot descriptions. More of their work is displayed on their Instagram account @ emmajanementeath.

What My Boyfriend Wore is a blog run by Sergio Ines, a South African man whose former girlfriend began posting pictures of his stylish outfits, prior to him making his own blog. He describes his fashion sense as classic, and doesn’ t follow trends which date. He boasts perfectly fitted outfits (usually suits) in collections that show how to pair and accessorise as a tasteful modern man.

Kwena Baloyi is a Limpopo born woman who uses her Instagram @kwenasays to broadcast her African inspired outfits. With radical hair, brilliant colours and wonderful photography, her page is splendid to explore when planning your own outfit or for simple visual pleasure.


Image: Sally Hartzenberg.

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