According to Wesley Timm, Chief Electoral Officer of the Independent Electoral Committee (IEC), the election results have been calculated, but the results can only be released once the IMB has declared the election free and fair.

Timm said, “The IMB is not prepared to do this before the SEC has dealt with the complaints referred to it. The SEC is sitting as we speak and considering the issues. I would prefer not to comment on the issues before the SEC has made their rulings.”

Timm said that the complaints came from the IEC, but he did not want to elaborate. Students can expect the results as soon as the IMB has declared the election free and fair.

Timm expressed the hope that the results will be declared this week. “However, the SEC must first finish its proceedings and I cannot say how long this will take.” Timm also said that SASCO has withdrawn their complaint as detailed in last week’s article in Perdeby, because evidence was provided that no irregularities occurred at the station.

“Oral testimony from various persons confirmed that, despite some temporary confusion, everyone who came to vote was given the opportunity to vote for both a society and a faculty candidate. The votes at Mamelodi were counted and 129 society ballots were tallied whereas 130 faculty ballots were tallied.” According to Timm, this minor difference is not problematic and could in no way make a difference to the results.

“The IMB has told me that when presented with this evidence SASCO withdrew their complaint,” said Timm. The IEC administrate the logistics of the election and authorise campaigning material. The Independent Monitoring Body (the IMB) is a separate body which monitors the election and checks for irregularities.

If they discover any material irregularities they pass them on to the Special Election Court (SEC) who adjudicates the matter. Each of these bodies is independent from one another and has different chairpersons. The IMB is chaired by Professor Speckman, Dean of Students, and the SEC Professor Ogude. All three bodies have student representation on them, though the IEC is made up entirely of students.

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