Reinders added, however, that the SRC elections should not be a top priority at the moment. “As a way forward, it is important that we address the critical issue of free education and the protests on campus before we look at the elections again. The call for free education has to take priority.”

AfriForum’s candidate for the portfolio of SRC president, Henrico Barnard, echoed Reinders’s comments but condemned disruptions. “Students’ democratic right[s] were violated and all because of individuals who disregard authority and are selfish. True leadership is suppressed by societies who [do] not want to partake in elections.”

UP’s media spokesperson, Anna-Retha Bouwer, confirmed that the SRC elections were suspended due to the disruptions. Bouwer added that the “The preliminary report of the service provider responsible for the running of the election will be studied and an announcement regarding the way forward will follow in due course.”

Sasco condemned the disruption of the voting process and the disruption of classes on the 20th of September.

The IEFSA, who were the independent body overseeing and managing the election, could not be reached for comment. DASO and EFFSC-UP could also not be reached for comment.

No new date for the SRC elections has yet been announced.


Photo: Fezekile Msimang.

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