The launch of the campaign seeks to draw support from the greater student body, public and private sector, and the community overall. Greater emphasis is put on students to “play their part” in raising funds for fellow learners in need. Sibonelo Gama, a second-year accounting student, views the campaign as “thoughtful, because some students are unable to register and are missing out of classes due to outstanding fees” [sic].
The student-led protests also highlighted the financial plight international students face. Mbem insists that “A part of the goal [of the campaign] is to assist international students … and to work with the institution in finding ways of accommodating [them] in the system.’’ The money raised from the drive as a whole will go toward matters that affect students academically and their general wellbeing. “[As] the programme is a year-long campaign, we hope to reach and exceed our target so that no students are left behind,” she added.

Image: UP SRC Twitter page

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