Rasebopye went to on to say that the SRC did not want to replicate last year’s Spring Day. Instead, he said that “what we [the SRC] want to do for this year is put forward an actual plan [and] … to actually sit down together as students and say what kind of event do we want to have.” Rasebopye did say that there would be a meeting this year to discuss what kind of event will draw as many UP students to one venue. 

Perdeby spoke to several students to hear what they think of the cancellation of Spring Day. Brittany Edwards, a second-year BEd student, said, “It is one of the few days of the year that Tuks had something really fun going on, and this just takes away from the very little student culture we have at Tuks.” Another student, Thabang Mashego, second-year BA Law student who attended Spring Day last year, feels that “events such as Spring Day are a great way to meet and mix with counterparts and build friendships, as they are outside of the [university] environment”. Mashego went on to say that, “Social life should be celebrated as much as academics at the university; ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’”


Illustration: Jackie Zhang

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