They need to hold the SRC accountable as often they represent minorities that are overlooked, but a minority should never rule over the majority. The SRC have the power to run this university. They have the power to make the university listen to the students’ needs and concerns. They just need to be united in their goal of serving all the students. With such a diverse student body, it is hard to cater to everyone all the time (welcome to Perdeby’s problem) but I’d like to believe that there are certain issues that all students can agree on: the basic values of inclusive education and an inclusive environment. That doesn’t mean removing things already set in place, but just making sure everyone is represented fairly and where it demands, adding to them. Voting for your SRC is so important as it’ll mean the right people get elected to make sure UP is a free and fair institution that listens to all its students.

See you at the polls on 1 September!


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