Walk in groups

This applies to both late nights spent studying in the library and nights out with friends. It is safer to walk in groups as opportunistic perpetrators tend to shy away from attacking a group of students.


Do not leave valuables unattended

Students are advised to take care of their valuables, such as laptops and cell phones. Do not leave them unattended, even in campus buildings. This includes your drinks on a night out. Be careful when accepting drinks from strangers.


Do not offer lifts to strangers

Students are also cautioned against offering lifts to strangers, as this may lead to unforeseen cases of mugging and hijacking.


Do not use cell phones in public

Students are discouraged from using phones in public for texting, checking their GPS or listening to music because a distracted individual is easier to take advantage of.


Ensure that your car is locked

When leaving cars in parking areas, students are advised to make sure that their cars are locked and all the windows of the car are closed. This will prevent car or property theft. Central locking systems may be externally controlled by a signal jammer so check that your doors are locked, regardless of what vehicle make it is.


Park your vehicles in well-lit areas

Students are advised to park their vehicles in well-lit areas. This prevents perpetrators from attempting to steal from the vehicle or the vehicle itself. It also prevents perpetrators from approaching individuals in secluded, dark areas and hijacking them.


Carry a taser

Students are allowed to carry legal self-defence apparatus, such as tasers, to defend themselves should they find themselves in threatening situations. Pepper spray is also useful.


Know the emergency numbers on your student card

Should a student find themself in a threatening situation or as a victim of crime, they can immediately call the toll-free emergency numbers at the back of their student cards to seek help.

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