What do you believe you bring to the Capital Craft lineup that is distinctly different from other brewing houses?

Every brewery offers something different in terms of their common goal. What Stellenbrau offers are four beer styles that are exceptionally drinkable, consistent in quality and brewed in true tradition. Not too complicated, but true to their unique style. Our Craven Craft Lager won the gold medal in the division for Best Lager at the Global Association of Craft Beer Brewers in Berlin, Germany, thus offering everyone a gold-winning lager!


You have a number of beers in your craft beer line. What do you believe separates your specific brews from a traditional glass bottle beer?

Technically, raw materials and brewing methods. We only use malted barley, hops, water and yeast. Then on the non-technical side, the close and friendly interaction and relationships with clients and customers.


What do you hope to gain from your display at Capital Craft?

A long lasting brand-relationship with people attending the festival and potential customers. Just pure enjoyment [of] our brand!


If you could make one change to people’s perception of craft beer, what would it be?

Be honest [with] yourself. If you drink a beer, any beer, and it does not satisfy you, don’t force yourself drinking it to impress. Move on and find your brand.


In Stellenbosch, a province famous for its wine, how does your particular brewery stand out from the competition?

Wine is not really competition, more of an acquaintance to beer. Stellenbosch was chosen for reasons more than the vineyards, wine, good food and thirsty students. Stellenbosch is richer in culture and history than most cities in South Africa. Stellenbrau embraces this history and culture and we replicate this in our brand and products, with our roots firmly and deeply buried in Stellenbosch soil, therefore standing proud among the best. 


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