Duncan Allan, a third-year Olienhout HK and BCom Investment Management student, is still missing (at the time of going to print) after his disappearance exactly two weeks ago. He was last seen on Monday 18 July at 7:30, in Lynnwood Motors in Atterbury Road, Menlo Park while collecting his car after a service.

News 24 reported on 21 July that “closed-circuit television footage showed how Allan waited for his vehicle at the garage, but not how he drove off.” News 24 also reported that his cell phone has been switched off since his disappearance and his bank card has gone unused.

Ernie Malherbe, a close friend of Allan told Perdeby: “We realized he was missing when he didn’t show up for lectures on Monday and he wasn’t seen for the rest of the day, which is very uncharacteristic of him.”

“Private investigators are investigating the case and thousands of people are handing out flyers,” Malherbe added. Posters have also been posted up around Hatfield. Allan’s fellow HKs referred queries to UP management, who could only add that they hope Allan will be found soon, but could not give information regarding the investigation.

Brooklyn Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Annabel Middleton told Perdeby that they are receiving leads every day but so far none have been conclusive.

A second man went missing last week: 29-year-old Gerrie Janse van Rensburg was reported missing on 26 July 2011. Janse van Rensburg had last been seen on Duncan road. Brooklyn police spokesperson, Annabel Middleton, said, “He dropped his father off for a meeting and it was arranged for him to pick his father up again.” However, Janse van Rensburg never showed up.

Janse van Rensburg was found on the morning of 28 July. Middleton said, “He was found by the police after he had been banging on the boot of his car and he is now reunited with his family.” He was found physically unharmed but is currently in the psychiatric facility Denmar being treated for trauma.

According to Middleton, the police have so far not been able to establish a connection between the Allan and Janse van Rensburg cases. However, Middleton added that Janse van Rensburg “almost looks like Duncan.”

“We have no closure and we are praying for his return,” said Tim Allan, Duncan’s father. Allan is pleading with anyone who has information to please contact him.

Allan was last seen driving a green VW Jetta with the registration number DJY 086 GP.

If anyone has any information please contact investigating Warrant Officer Phatswane on 082 319 9647 or Tim Allan on 082 882 4047.

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