Magoromela explained further: “I told my friend that I’m going to the toilet. So I saw [the bouncers]. There were four actually. And then I asked them ‘Do you even want to follow me in the toilet?’ And then I said ‘Please can you stop following me?’. So the Congolese one pulled me and then the other one, the white one, he did like when they are arresting you they put you like this [indicates locking arms behind back] and then the Congolese one victimised me physically, beating me with two punches [to] my stomach. And then I started pushing him so he kicked me and then I fell on the ground and the white one with the boots, he went like [indicates stamping on the ground] and then they took this hand; they were trying to handcuff me. But I refused with this one [indicates uninjured arm] because I was laying on my side.” Magoromela also claims that the security took his bread, R200 and his phone during the altercation. He also says that he hasn’t had any of his personal belongings returned and couldn’t say why they were taken.

According to Magoromela, there were witnesses to the altercation. “There were students. I don’t know their names but I just want them to come show the video what transpired that day because the students are the ones who saw what.” He says that during the altercation, his arm was broken. “We laid a statement there with [Security Services] but we did not finish [because] I was rushed to the hospital. We went to Tshwane hospital but the university realised that it’s going to have problems so I don’t know if they trying to bribe me or what or if they feel guilty but they took me to [Groenkloof Life]. The doctor said, ‘They broke your arm’.

When asked about the incident, UP media liaison Anna-Retha Bouwer explained that “The annual Concert of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Pretoria got off to a great start on the evening of the 31st August. It was attended by a total of about 900 invited guests. The university has been informed of an altercation between an alleged drunken student and campus security which allegedly took place outside the concert hall. The incident is being investigated to establish the facts before the appropriate corrective action can be taken.”

When asked if he was drunk, Magoromela said “No, I did not drink that day. My friends were the ones that were drinking. Even if the person is drunk, you don’t have the right to assault a person. I could reason, a [drunken] person can’t reason. I was not drunk.” In the statement, Bouwer urged any witnesses to help with the investigation: “The university is inviting any witnesses or anyone with information relating to the incident to contact the independent toll-free hotline at 0800 200 651”, and added that UP “remains committed to the safety of staff, guests and students and will act in line with the applicable codes of conduct, should any staff member, contractor or student be found guilty of violence and misconduct.” Magoromela said that he has opened a “formal case with the university and a case in Brooklyn”


Image: Facebook page of Luvuyo Menziwa

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