However, Janse responded by saying that “Daso [still does] not believe that this election process was free and democratic, as there was no independent observer.” Janse explained that Daso does not agree that societies “may only vote for representatives within their own society, as this creates a [lopsided] vote, especially within the political category as there are two ANC affiliated parties, namely Sasco and the ANCYL.”

Despite nothing coming from Daso’s complaint, they are “still campaigning for strict election guidelines to be added within the subcouncil constitution,” said Janse. With the first Student Forum taking place on 17 March, Daso hopes for a positive outcome. Kruger said that the agenda for the first Student Forum “will be the reading of the plan of action and the budget. Should students wish to see this, they will have to approach our treasurer directly.”

Various other political parties on campus voiced their thoughts on the upcoming forum. Zwanyi Mohale, the deputy chairperson of the ANCYL said that they are “excited about the first Student Forum meeting because we will finally be able to get the answers from the SRC about their plan of action for the year, as well as get information about the budget.” Nomcebo Jele, the EFF representative for international relations and liasons said that, “We want to know what the response of the SRC [is] regarding the number of suicides that we have heard [about] since last year.” The EFF would also like to raise “the question about racism to avoid issues like the blackface incident and discrimination.”

It is in students’ interest to attend the Student Forum meetings to stay informed of what is going on in the university and to ensure that their issues are addressed.

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