Tulip uses the R700 to provide learners of specific schools with enough information about university courses, application process and entrance requirements. “I saw a lot of students with immense potential, but with no prior access to information and resources that get you to university,” says Tulip chairperson Clarindi Greeff. They have assisted seven matric learners in applying for different programmes this year and one of these learners has been accepted into the University of Johannesburg.

Tulip also aims to connect learners to financial opportunities by trying to find them suitable and sustainable bursaries and equipping them with skills of handling financial challenges that they may face in university by educating them about entrepreneurship. They have collaborated with the African Leadership Academy, which presented a social entrepreneurship course to Tulip learners. As a part of their human development portfolio, Tulip provides learners with emotional support, sexual education, and access to social workers.

University students are also able to help in other ways by becoming Tulip tutors. Through this they are able to see the learners every two weeks to help them with the academic work that they are struggling with.

Tulip’s goal for 2017 is to develop each of their learners holistically and individually to become change-makers in their own right and uplift the communities they work in by creating an ever-increasing number of functional and successful education participants. To begin with, for next year, they have expanded their programme to include two Pretoria Central schools, Laudium High School and Himalaya Secondary School. They have a total of 200 learners in their programme for 2017. “We are changing South Africa #1educationatatime,” says Greeff.


Photo: Tulip’s Facebook page. 

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