According to Grobbelaar, Afriforum strives to maintain a healthy student life on campus. He further added that Afriforum believes studying is one part of student life and that the other part is having a healthy and fun social life.

Daso UP

The Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (Daso) is founded on three core principles: fairness, freedom and opportunity. Daso states that its mission is “To ensure that students have their voices heard and that key issues are addressed. We seek to uphold democratic values on campus and to promote accountability and transparency in the university administration.” Daso seeks to address key issues like financial aid, the costs of food and drink, and freedom of speech. Daso UP was unavailable for comment.


The Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command UP branch (EFFSC-UP) “seeks to act in the interest of campus workers and students across South Africa, striving for economic emancipation in our lifetime.” EFFSC-UP’s plan of action is to ensure that financially excluded students are assisted. Anyone interested is welcome to join EFFSC-UP.


The South African Students Congress (Sasco) was formed in 1991 as a political organisation that seeks to champion the interests of students in the higher education sector and as a catalyst of progressive transformation in the sector. Sasco states that it remains the “only leader of the student’s transformation issues across the sector and the only vanguard of the students nationwide.” Sasco UP branch strives to bring about the broader transformation at the University of Pretoria that seeks to promote the achievement of the objectives of the National Democratic Revolution and the creation of the National Democratic Society. Sasco within the borders of UP exists within the Progressive Youth Alliance which consists of the ANCYL, Young Communist League, Sasco and the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

Sasco is active on four UP campuses – Hatfield, Mamelodi, Groenkloof and Prinshof campus – and runs programmes that seek to provide a conducive environment for teaching, such as the annual Right to Learn Campaign, political schools, Operation Save the Semester, and Graduate Alive. “We as Sasco believe that students’ interest must be put first, hence we say ‘Students First, Sasco to the front’ and [therefore students should] make Sasco [their] best friend on campus”, said Micheal Sbhaka Prince Ngobeni, Sasco chairperson.

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