The annual Intervarsity clash between Tuks and the University of Johannesburg took place at LC de Villiers sports grounds from the 5 to 6  March 2010. Tuks once again proved to be tough competitors as they were able to win most of the events. Rugby, cricket, football, golf, netball, rowing and squash claimed the most victories, while UJ fared best in hockey, chess and volleyball. Waterpolo and basketball were evenly contested, with both Tuks and UJ sharing an equal amount of victories and defeats. The final results are as follows:


Arguably one of the most anticipated events of the day was the game between the TuksFezelas and UJ Rautels that resulted in a win for the visitors as they beat Tuks 35-22. Tuks also won three out of the five res games played, with Olienhout, Mopanie and Sonop claiming victories at the final whistle.


Friday’s cricket match saw Tuks pull off a convincing win, beating UJ by 7 wickets.


Tuks (1) beat UJ (1), 52-17


Tuks men (1) vs UJ men (1) :  Tuks 2- UJ 1

Tuks men (2) vs UJ men (2) : Tuks 2- UJ 1

Tuks women (1) vs UJ women (2) : Tuks 3 -UJ 0

Tuks women (2) vs UJ women (2): Tuks 3- UJ 1


Men: Tuks 16- UJ 3

Women: Tuks 2 – UJ 10


The golf took place at Waterkloof Golf Club and Tuks won 7-5. 


Overall: Tuks 11- UJ 1


Tuks men (1) vs UJ men (1) :  Tuks 40- UJ 68

Tuks men (2) vs UJ men (2) : Tuks 37- UJ 28

Tuks women (1) vs UJ women (2) : Tuks 30-UJ 31

Tuks women (2) vs UJ women (2): Tuks 31- UJ 22


Men : Tuks 0- UJ 2

Women: Tuks 0 –UJ 2


UJ won: Tuks 5 – UJ 15


Men: Tuks 2- UJ 3

Women: Tuks 5- UJ 1

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