Third-year Political Science student Samantha Napo said her only concern is the bus schedule, which doesn’t cater for students who write semester tests in the evenings between 17:30 and 19:00 as they will have to stay on campus for at least two more hours. Kwena Mabotsa, a second-year BSc Quantity Surveying student who lives in Sunnyside, said she had only just learnt about the bus service but she was happy about the times as she is always on campus until late in the evening. Swicebu said the latest arrangement was made after taking into account the library’s operating hours. When asked why there was no arrangement to provide transportation during the day, he said that any revisions to the schedule would be made only after the SRC has a clear estimate of the number of students utilising the bus on a daily basis.

Sicwebu also informed Perdeby of ongoing negotiations between the university management and the SRC to extend normal library hours and keep level three of the library open 24 hours a day. This would allow day students to access the library facilities, including computers, around the clock and not be limited to strict library hours and extensions reserved for exam periods.

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