The album opens up with the track “Ain’t been done”, with Jessie J starting that no artist before her has done what she is doing. This is a daring statement, as her work has been compared to that of Katy Perry. The chorus is the track’s only saving grace. Jessie J begins to hit her stride with the album’s title track “Sweet Talker”. Here she shows off her great vocal talent, delivering earnest lyrics on the ever-popular topic of love.

The next track “Bang Bang” is easily the most exciting song on the album, with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj delivering excellent guest performances. The track “Masterpiece” highlights the problem with the album, as Jessie J reflects on how she knows she’s perfectly imperfect in terms of her ability as an artist. She continues to say that we have not yet seen her best as she’s still working on her masterpiece.

Jessie J amazes the listener again with her singing on the track “Loud”, singing about how some people try to bring her down and enjoy seeing her at her lowest. The closing track “Get away” is a sincere song, employing simple but powerful production that ends the album off on a strong note.

Despite these positives, however, the album contains more forgettable songs than memorable ones, such as “Keep us together”, “Said too much” and “Fire”. Rapper 2 Chainz delivers an unimpressive verse of the track “Burning up”.

Jessie J shines on this album vocally, but it’s not enough to save this album from lacklustre production and uninteresting lyrical content. The good moments on this album are few and far between, and Jessie J has a long way to go before she’s able to deliver a completely satisfying project.



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