Erika’s creativity with their Fembot theme was a big influence on their success. Their “robotic” dance moves and clever song choices made their performance memorable. What Erika also had going for them (that most residences overlooked) was a good band. It was always clear what song they were playing before they started singing and they didn’t play so loudly that they drowned out the girls’ singing. Erika were also very practical with their props, not using too few or too many. Playing around with the stage lighting to create the appropriate sci-fi eeriness was also a stroke of robotic genius.

Beaten to the punch by Taaibos and Erika at the finals were Boekenhout, Mopanie, Olienhout and Olympus and Magrietjie, Curlitzia, Madelief and Klaradyn. With everyone having their favourite, there were bound to be a few gasps (and even a dramatic exit from Boekenhout) when the results were announced, but radio personality Anele Mdoda, who was one of the judges at the finals, says she expected the outcome. “I wasn’t surprised by any res at all.”

A clear difference between the guys and the girls were the kind of themes that they each chose. The men’s residences preferred themes that reflected struggle and adversity such as Olienhout’s The Lion King performance and Mopanie’s Braveheart theme. The ladies opted for more empowering themes. The Fembots of Erika were an audience favourite as well as Magrietjie’s Women of Sparta, who won best ladies theme.

It’s been a Serrie tradition for a few years for the male residences to outperform the ladies. There was a palpable shift in the atmosphere at the amphitheatre when all the girls’ residences were done performing and everyone was anxiously waiting for the guys. Mdoda disagrees, however, saying she thought this year the girls were better. “I heard that in previous years, the guys would be better than the girls. I guess it’s because the guys work to be more powerful, but in terms of stage presence the girls kick ass,” she says.

Serrie 2013 results:

Prelims Best reception (men): Olympus Best reception (ladies): Erika Best male performance: Mopanie Best female performance: Magrietjie

Finals Best video (men): Taaibos Best video (ladies): Curlitzia Third place (men): Mopanie Second place (men): Boekenhout First place (men): Taaibos Third place (ladies): Curlitzia Second place (ladies): Magrietjie First place (ladies): Erika Overall winner: Taaibos

Photos: Reinhard Nell and Tahnee Otto

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