How long have you been working in the industry?

[At the] end of the year, it’ll be about 20 years.


What is your art style?

I pretty much can do anything. There’s nothing really specific that I consider as my style, but I do tend to do bright colour [and] bold work. I can do portraits, things like that, but I probably love oriental more than anything else.


Has your artwork style changed over time, and how?

It has changed. Back in the day I was more of a war art kind of guy, and now it’s gone into more of a design-orientated style, some free hand, and it’s changed obviously from doing small dinky things to doing back pieces and legs and full arms and half-sleeves.


What is your process for creating a tattoo?

Obviously I think about what I’d like to do first, and then kind of go inside it and link it with what the person’s actually looking for. The design concept is usually just something where I focus on what’s in my mind’s eye, and from there it’s about extracting it and putting it onto paper, either through using reference or kind of custom designing concepts.


Do you have a personal mission as a tattoo artist?

Sleep when you’re dead.


What are your expectations for the Cool Inc. Tattoo Expo?

It’s always interesting. Every year is pretty cool. It kind of means I get to showcase my work to more people.

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