How can aspiring comedians get involved in Sound of Comedy?

Sound of Comedy does not contract any comedians. What we do, though, is scout for young comedians and artists creating waves in the industry. Should you want to feature as an open mic on one of our shows, contact us through our Facebook account and we will further communicate with you. Otherwise, hit the comedy spots and we will find you.

Are you specifically targeting Tuks students?

At the moment we are targeting all fans of comedy as a whole. We do, however, look to design a show directed at students, where the price is right and the comedians are incredible.

Is there any chance of a show being held at the university?

We have previously approached the university but at the time the venues were fully booked. We [are looking] to host a show at the university next year as we have a lot more time to book the venue.

How can budding comedians get involved in the industry itself?

The best way for comedy enthusiasts to get involved is to go see comedy shows. I think that if you are a young comedian in the game you need to be in the comedy clubs, seeing comedy shows and [you] definitely need to be at the open mic nights.

Where do you see Sound of Comedy in the future?

I want Sound of Comedy to be the number one mobile comedy show. I want to bring comedy to people. I want to create a platform for artists to showcase their artistry to the world and give established, but also up-and-coming artists the much needed exposure.

Image: Sound Of Comedy’s Facebook page.

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