When the summer sun makes life uncomfortable it’s always a good idea to go somewhere cooler. The Grove mall has recently installed an ice skating rink and there is no better substitute for good clean fun than flailing about on the ice rink on a warm day.

Duncan Yard is located on Duncan Street and provides students with a miniature city, almost like the Italian town you could never afford to visit. A rustic feeling and an amazing atmosphere really come together to give you the illusion of foreign shores.

Nkwe Park is a picnic and caravan resort equipped with everything from a waterfall to rolling, green, grassy hills that make it an amazing place to blow off some steam, as all students should. Packing a traditional picnic basket and relaxing on the grass at Nkwe Park will make for a perfect day out, either with a big group of friends or for a romantic escape.


Photo: Hendro van der Merwe

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