Gabi has been performing for years and inherited his love for music from his family. His father also loved music and to perform, and his grandfather played the African drums. Even his brothers all played guitar, and this exposure to music helped launch his career.

Gabi performs with his girlfriend Delight Mabunda (backing vocals) and his other band mates who he has met through the years. Gabi said, “My band mates are people that I have connected with in life [from] different places.” When asked about performing with his girlfriend, he said “I get to discover what [and] who she is, you know? The other side of her, besides raising our kid and all the other things couples do on [a] regular day.”

The Black Spears perform African-inspired music with a modern twist. When asked about why he chose this style, Gabi said, “I am a strong African man with [a] traditional vibe, but I love all music and fuse my village sound with modern elements.” He is currently working on an eight-track album telling the story of his life and his views of the world. The album should be finalised by March.

When asked about the experience in Hatfield, Gabi said, “Hatfield was phenomenal. I came across quite a different crowd… Students, working people… All these expressed different reactions to the music, and I had to adjust to both their tastes in a short space of time, but at the end of it all they all became unified in echoing the same chorus.” Gabi advised fans to follow the page ‘Music in Hatfield’ on Facebook where The Black Spears post when and where they will be performing.


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