The first song on the EP and the band’s first single, “Money”, has a few cheeky references to Aloe Blacc’s hit, “I need a dollar”. It is a fast-paced, witty combination of lyrics set to a pop and dance music backdrop.

“Diane” is a song about teenage love and naivety. The song strikes a good balance between fast and slow in terms of its pace, and with mellow guitar and drums and a solid chorus, it is reminiscent of the South African indie scene.

“Please don’t say” is a catchy take on heartache with hints of synth and a good bit of rock, combined with addictive guitar and drum solos.

“The hunt” is a beautiful exhibition of strong vocals and harmonics. The lyrics depict a man who is down on his luck, although the chorus shows that he hopes his situation will change soon, while the melody is upbeat, bright and provides for easy listening.

Overall, the EP is cheery and offers a set of radio-ready tracks that are easy to dance to.

Rating: 4/5


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