A second major concern comes with the method of payment. The merchandise, which includes hoodies and t-shirts, is priced in US dollars and is paid for using various online payment methods.

In attempt to gather more information on the matter, several graduates were contacted with regard to their interest in the merchandise. All of them said that they did “like” the page but were not convinced and took no further action. The hoodie sales have been closed and the TeeChip site reads: “161 sold. We’ve reached our goal!” for the women’s hoodie, and indicates 66 sales for the men’s. Users can request the site to “Bring it Back” seeing as this was a limited edition offer.

There has been no confirmation on whether any of the hoodies or t-shirts bought were received by the interested parties.

UP marketing manager Nicoleze Mulder has been contacted about the matter, but had not responded at the time of going to print. A message was sent to the Facebook page if there is any official agreement between them and the university, but no reply has been received. The university’s legal department has indicated that they are aware of the page and are busy investigating.


Images: University of Pretoria Graduates Facebook page and University of Witwatersrand Graduates Facebook page


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