“Pluto (remember you)” is arguably the album’s most popular hit single. Recorded in collaboration with DJ Clock, the house influence of this track is prominently on display and intermingles well with singer Matthew Field’s easy-going vocals.

Going back to the 80s TV theme motif, the song “Southern suburbs” provides easy listening both in terms of melody and lyrics. The track offers slow, sweet moments to contrast with its happy-go-lucky chorus. On the other hand, the track “Scorpionfish” is slower, more thoughtful and is reminiscent of Deathcab for Cutie. Even when the song’s beat picks up towards the second verse, it doesn’t lose its haunting tenderness, making it one of the album’s highlights.

After this track, the album moves into a slightly slower phase with unhurried tracks such as “Cavendish Square”, “Facebook apologia” and “Echoes” portraying this mood. However, the track “All about me” is happiness personified in terms of its melody, although its lyrics have slightly low-spirited undertones. Many of the lyrics will ring true with today’s generation of young people who are bored despite having ample amounts of entertainment at their fingertips. It also plants the idea that perhaps social media makes people more self-centred than they would otherwise be.

“Cape to Rio” is another of the album’s standout tracks. The almost classical piano accompaniment in the verses interchanged with the upbeat synths in the chorus make the track both sorrowful and indescribably uplifting.

The album’s final track, “The prince of the Hanging Gardens”, makes for a memorable closer, with lingering qualities that manage to perfectly capture the Beatenberg charm. 


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