A new health and fitness initiative is emerging at the University of Pretoria and the surrounding Hatfield area in the form of the Move4Fitness boot camps. Move4Fitness is a student-driven project that was founded by UP students, Mphosi Matete and Donald Marrocane. The two are both in the final year of pursuing their degrees in Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Matete describes the movement as a way of encouraging fun health awareness. The boot camps, which have been taking place on Saturday mornings since 18 February at Urban 5occer, consist of a fitness-related session, a boot camp, and a dance session. During the fitness session, those taking part perform body weight exercises, sport sprints and burpees. Matete and Marrocane believe that you do not need a gym membership to stay fit and healthy.

The boot camp and dance sessions usually take place within the first hour of the programme and are facilitated by Marrocane. In this session, music and dance are used to coordinate the exercises, which Marrocane explained as “more of an aerobic dance activity”

The duo’s inspiration to start this initiative stems from their passion for health and fitness. “Both Don [Marrocane] and I are big fitness enthusiasts, so what we wanted to do was to reach more masses [and] just to connect with people who are like minded,” said Matete. They formed a team of about 20 individuals, who are all students, and started to draft business plans and proposals. They approached Virgin Active, Oasis and Ocean Basket for sponsorship and were able to make them their current sponsors.

Although the project is still in its infancy, its endeavours in Pretoria have subsequently garnered interest and requests from people residing in other cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

Matete and Marrocane find that the positive responses they receive from the public are the most rewarding aspect of their work. As a result of the positive feedback they have received in Pretoria, they aim to expand their services to other regions in the hope of receiving similar feedback. “We just want to reach as many people as possible, because the more people we reach, the more people are healthy, the more people get fit,” said Matete.


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