With just a few days to go until Oppikoppi, now is probably a good time to start coming up with some kind of a game plan. Here at Perdeby, we’re pretty seasoned festival-goers, so we’ve decided to share our infinite wisdom with you, our lovely readers. You can thank us later.


There are three things you simply cannot do without at Oppikoppi. Well, four, if you want to get technical about it. Food: There’s an Afrikaans quote on the Oppikoppi website that, loosely translated, says: “If you don’t dance, you’re f**k all.” Couldn’t have put it any better. All that dancing (and drinking) probably means you’re going to need some good energy food. Perdeby recommends Ghost Pops. Lots of Ghost Pops. Other than that, experience says that all plans to cook your own food at the festival will probably fall apart once you get there. The food stalls are pretty decent and a million times easier, especially if you happen to be inebriated. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Shelter: You may think you’re pretty hardcore, but the freezing night-time temperatures in Limpopo will make you think twice. Seriously, when we say freezing, we mean your-limbs-may-actually-fall-off kind of freezing. Whether you camp out in a tent or in your car, make sure you adequately prepare your passing-out place as soon as you arrive at the festival. Before you get too out of it to do much more than stumble in.

Wet wipes (and toilet paper): Music festival veterans know that each big South African music festival has its own “demon” that festival-goers must contend with. Some have wind, others have mud … Oppikoppi has dust. Lots of it. Come prepared with as many wet wipes as you can, and make a habit of carrying them around with you. They also help combat the heat during the day. As for toilet paper…. Pretty sure we don’t have to explain that one to you.


There are certain items you could survive the weekend without. It’s better not to, though. Really.

Money: Useful for merch, food, booze, and general happiness. The nice folks at Oppikoppi are making it even easier by introducing a new festival banking system. Upon your arrival at the festival, you get your very own Oppikoppi bank card, onto which you can then load cash and use at any of the stalls. Nifty.

Condoms: Be safe, kids.

Booze: It just wouldn’t be Oppikoppi without a bit of debauchery, would it? Remember, though, that no glass is allowed in the concert area. So, bring some plastic bottles if you plan on partying during the shows.

Water: And by water, we mean giant five-litre bottles of water. You can never bring too much. Especially if you don’t want to wake up feeling like your brain has exploded inside your head. Also, you’ll appreciate having something decent with which to quench your thirst when the sun is slowly roasting you alive during the scorching daytime.


Okay, so these things aren’t strictly necessary for a weekend out in the middle of nowhere. But they could make your life just that little bit more awesome.

Dry shampoo and waterless hand cleanser: It’s like hygiene magic in a bottle. Both are available at Clicks, and make you feel a whole lot cleaner than you really are.

Sunblock: Ideal if you’re not keen to return to Pretoria looking like a lobster person. But if you can’t be bothered with sunblock, at least try to stay in the shade. Or you could don a cool hat.

Cuddle buddy: For those freezing nights we mentioned. Don’t worry if you don’t have one of these to bring from home – they’re usually freely available at the festival itself.

Headache pills: You know why.


Inhibitions: Think of Oppikoppi as a dusty little town (population: 16 000) where everyone is just about as weird in the head as you are. Ever wanted to dress like white trash? Or a ballerina? Here’s your chance.

Valuables: This is an obvious one. If you don’t want all of your cool stuff to get stepped on, covered in dust, lost or stolen, just don’t bring it.

Preconceptions: This applies to both seasoned Oppikoppi goers and Oppikoppi virgins alike. Every year is awesome in a totally different way. So let go, sit back, and enjoy the vibe. Perdeby will be seeing you there.


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