The SRC president’s job is to ensure that all SRC members fulfil their responsibilities in executing their given programs. The president must also liaise with student structures and university management to ensure that student concerns are heard.


Deputy president
The deputy president helps and supports the president in fulfilling their responsibilities. The deputy president’s job is also to ensure that the Constitution for Student Governance is present at SRC meetings.


The SRC secretary is the administrative officer of the SRC  who is responsible for organising the SRC’s daily operations. The secretary is also tasked with communicating the SRC’s decisions to the student body.


Deputy secretary
Like the deputy president, the deputy secretary assists the secretary in executing their duties. The deputy secretary is also tasked with all the administrative matters concerning the Student Forum.


The treasurer is the financial administrator of the SRC. They have to ensure that SRC’s finances are open and transparent. As the financial administrator, the treasurer has to do all the financial planning and give reports on organisation fund raising.


Student Forum
It is important that students understand the forum’s procedure so that SRC is answerable to the students. The role of the Student Forum is to maintain SRC transparency. If students want to pose questions to the SRC, these have to be submitted to the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Tribunal 48 hours before the meeting.

The Student Forum begins with the SRC president presenting his report to students. During this time, students may not ask questions. After this, a number of reports from the other SRC portfolio holders may be presented. Once the reports have been presented, the chairperson of the forum conducts a question and answer session. This is when the relevant members of the SRC answer questions previously given by students.


Image: Shen Scott

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