By “quickly” I mean in the first three days, or maybe a week if you’re lucky. But we need to make a concerted effort not to “fizzle out” in the important matters, hard as it may be to do so. We need to start and continue holding those in positions of power accountable, even if we didn’t vote them in ourselves. We need to demand transparency and accountability at all times, from student leadership to the highest powers of government in our country. We should commend those in our student body who bring matters of significance in student governance to our attention, and standin solidarity with those who are fighting toexpose such issues and change the status quo.It has been evident that the media on aglobal scale has faced persecution from those who’d like the truth to be labelled as #FakeNews. Even Perdeby continues to face censorship from forces on our campus. Despite all this, we get to deliver the truth to you every week and give you enough facts to stay informed about current events. News is sweet in the sense that we live in a country where freedom of the press exists, but it’s also bitter because some people and organisations may choose to deny the truth because it incriminates or raises controversy around them. Our edition features information on the hope that can be found in the treatment of opioid addiction (on page 7) and ways to counter the ominous dangers Über-users face (on page 6). We commemorate the life of a musical legend and the emergence of up and coming artists on pages 6 and 9. Be sure to read how young UP athletes were filling up their trophy cabinets (on page 12) over the break while we were lying on our couches, filling up our stomachs. Perdeby is also holding a charity drive and we ask that you please make a contribution to the items we’re collecting if you are able (page 10). We apologise for the lack of Pssst… this week. Pssst… is still in hibernation under the floor boards of the Perdeby office. I wish you all a renewed spirit and a sweet semester, but don’t be afraid of a lil’ bitta bitter. Remain inquisitive, sceptical andwilling to learn.



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