A friend of mine recently showed me an entry on called Don’t Eat It Steve. It’s written by man who spends his days eating weird food and then writes about it. It’s a fun blog and you should go check it out if you’re bored one day. It also inspired this top ten. Some people eat disgusting things all the time. Like a burger pie. What is that even? But then there are some things that are so disgusting that cultural differences can’t even begin to provide an excuse. Here are the top most disgusting foods in the world:

1. Casu Marzu. This cheese is a Sardinian delicacy. It is also illegal. It’s basically cheese in which flies have been allowed to lay eggs. The larvae then eat and excrete the cheese, to give it some extra depth and flavour. The cheese is served with the larvae still in it. I repeat: it’s illegal. That has to tell you something.

2. Balut. This wondrous culinary creation can be bought on the streets of Vietnam. It basically boiled fertilised duck eggs. So imagine a chicken egg. With the chicken inside it. Lovely.

3. Jellied moose nose. The nose of a moose (the nose. Of a moose. A moose!) is boiled until it becomes a gelatinous gloop. Serve chilled. Only in Canada.

4. Bat paste. Right, so you take a net. Then you find some bats. Then you catch them. Then you boil them alive in milk. Then you give it to people to eat. Then you check into a mental institution.

5. Dead mice wine. In China, if you’re feeling under the weather and need a health tonic, you can drink some rice wine. Rice wine spiced with some fermented baby mice. You’ll be right as rain in no time.

6. Hasma. This is a dessert (because really, what else could it be). It has two main ingredients. Sugar and the fallopian tubes of frogs. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

7. Ox penis. I can’t even bring myself to elaborate. But it’s a thing. Sold in supermarkets. Like boerewors. But not.

8. Creamed possum. In a can. Or grilled scorpions in a can. I see Koo recently launched a Macaroni and Cheese in a can. A trend, perhaps?

9. Cockscomb. You know that thing a rooster has at the top of its head. Like a big red piece of skin? Ja, that. In France it’s served as a side dish. Like potato salad. If potato salad was once attached to a chicken’s face.

10. Fillet-o-Fish. McDonald’s has this on their menu, right. They’ve always had it on their menu. But I have to wonder: what kind of suicidal luncatic would eat fish from McDonald’s? Cockscomb seems more appetising.

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