5. An app that generates small talk phrases. Never again will you have to wonder what to ask someone once you know what they study and where they’re from.

6. An app that scans the relationship status of possible hook-ups in your vicinity. Macking on a girl for an hour to find out she has a long-term boyfriend is a waste of time and money.

7. An app that locates the nearest ice-cream store that’s still open after midnight. It’s frustrating that KFC and McDonalds like to clean their machines at 02:00.

8. An app to scan how germy your food you’ve just dropped on the floor actually is. Not to stop you from eating it. Just so that you’re aware.

9. An app that notifies you when the campus doctor is actually in their office.

10. An app that automatically sends birthday wishes to the people you always forget about. No more awkward family gatherings with aunts that hold grudges.

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