1. Michal: “Yes, I email myself stuff”. Emma: “I do too, but sometimes I email myself kisses.”
  2. Herman: “I’m too scared to google wife-beater. Perdeby might end up on some kind of watch list.”
  3. Michal: “I only have glittery body cream. It’s the end of the month.”
  4. Khumo: “Having to buy Microsoft Word for your laptop is like having to buy the car’s engine separately.”
  5. Rebecca: “You don’t deserve alcohol. Your brain cells are dead enough.”
  6. India: “I had a sneaky gherkin in my burger.”
  7. Herman: “Was it implied or was there thrusting?”
  8. Max: “We should have a sign on the door that says ‘It’s Friday. F**k off.’”
  9. Michal: “We should play One Direction.” Max: “This is the best day ever.”
  10. Carel: “Satanist!”
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