3. Feather boa. Sometimes all you need to feel pretty again is something bright and fluffy around your neck. A feather boa will tick all of these boxes.

4. Leather chaps. For the more adventurous statues, there are of course leather chaps. These not only appeal to the more masculine cowboy demographic, but are also quite helpful when one wants to avoid chafing.

5. Platform shoes. Your natural height need not detract from your self-imposed standards of beauty. If you find yourself just not reaching the bar you have set, get a pair of these to give you a well-deserved boost.

6. Sunglasses. Cool can come to statues with this accessory. A pair of specs not only adds some much needed cool factor, they offer UV protection only superseded by that of a double eye-patch.

7. Hat. A statue cannot stress the importance of protection from the sun enough. A hat is therefore another excellent accessory. It is important to make sure that your statue can “pull of” the hat look, otherwise it may just end up looking silly.

8. Leather vests. Straddling a metal steed, a leather vest with a club logo will make the Statuary Cohorts look very impressive in their matching leather vests.

9. Eye patch. Originally used by pirates to maintain their night vision when going below decks, these striking accessories not only help protect sensitive eyes from the harsh life on the plain, but also serve as a deterrent for any unsolicited conversations.

10. Glitter. This is most certainly not for every statue. Only the most dauntless of anthropomorphic sculptures will be able to make glitter work. However, it should catch the eye of any bystander and is sure to leave an impression.

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