Theron will not only pedal across each border, but challenge himself to accomplish an extreme adventure specific to the country he finds himself in. The first stop will be Lesotho, where he plans to hike the 220 km Grand Traverse down the Drakensberg. The next will be in Swaziland and then Zimbabwe. A mysterious forest awaits his exploration in Mozambique and was apparently spotted by tourists for the first time on Google Maps. He’ll soon be off to paddle for 600 km along Lake Malawi, and after the predicted duration of a month, he will be climbing up the active volcanoes of Tanzania. In Kenya he will explore the heights of Mount Algon and cycle to a rural village near Lake Turkana, before he turns around to cycle back down the continent. He will stop in Zambia for a tree planting expedition and take on an extreme adventure that awaits him in Botswana that involves trekking across the waterless Sau Pans in the heat of summer. Nambia is up next to climb to the peak of the Brandberg mountain, before he finally arrives in the Western Cape again, but this time to journey into the mountains for 11 days of solo survival.

When questioned about his training for such a journey that will test the physical endurance of his body, he said, “To be honest, the only training I have really done is watch Star Wars and drink beer.” This does not bother him, as he believes that his passion for the outdoors and love for nature has given him a sense of responsibility. He describes this adventure as the “ultimate pursuit” to protect what he knows best.


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