Stapp got on stage 30 min late and by then the crowd had filled the stage area in great anticipation. Opening his set with “Slow suicide”, Stapp gave a lively performance and was very interactive with the crowd. Stapp’s impact on the crowd showed in how enthusiastic the audience got, with fist pumping, dancing and singing along.

Stapp performed songs such as “My own prison”, “What’s this life for”, “Proof of life”, “Justified”, “With arms wide open” and “My sacrifice”. At the end of Stapp’s performance, the crowd cheered for an encore and Stapp performed an additional two songs. The crowd’s response to Stapp’s performance illustrates how much people enjoyed his performance.

Stapp was initially meant to perform on 12 December at the National Botanical Gardens in Pretoria, however, the show was cancelled due to technical and logistical issues. Overall the concert was greatly enjoyed and a great success.


Photo: Ciske van der Heever

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