Log Horizon (season two)
Following the exploits of Shiroe the Strategist, this story revolves around a group of people that have become trapped within a game and find themselves trying to adjust to their new lives as adventurers. The second season looks to delve deeper into the lore of the first.

The Legend of Korra: Balance
The final book in The Legend of Korra series follows the final part of Korra’s story. Korra is the avatar, a being that acts as the bridge between the human and the spirit worlds. This series focuses on the internal struggles of the hero and coming to terms with one’s own mortality.

Hitsugui No Chaika (season two)
The story of Coffin Princess Chaika continues for a second season following adorable protagonist Chaika, her saboteur companions Akari and Tor, and the shapeshifting Fredrika on their quest to reunite the scattered body parts of Chaika’s fallen father in order to give him a funeral fit for an emperor. The quality is unchanged from season one and it looks as though the season is going to finish on a strong note.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
Fans have long been awaiting a competent animation of the visual novel of the same name, and now animation studio Ufotable has taken up the sword after their stunning rendition of Fate/ZERO. The animation quality is excellent and the Unlimited Blade Works route from the game is widely regarded as the best, ensuring an engaging story in a detailed setting with a varied cast of characters.

Grisaia No Kaijitsu
This anime serves as a contrast to the otherwise action packed lineup this season, being a slice-of-life series with a twist. Every character has a dark secret and hidden connections to the others. Unfortunately, elements from the visual novel have been over-amplified to please fans.


Illustration: Johann van Tonder

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